David Paulides, a former lawman turned investigative journalist, will be with us in February to discuss two subjects dear to his heart: the search for bigfoot and his book “Missing 411”, which deals with the unaccountably high number of odd disappearances in our national parks. The number of cases Paulides found was so large that his research was published in two separate volumes, one covering the eastern U.S and the other covering cases from the western states. Last spring, George Knapp devoted two four-hour “Coast to Coast’ shows to David’s work in this area, due to overwhelming interest in his work.

Paulides is the Executive Director of the North American Bigfoot Search (NABS) organization. The seven year old NABS was begun in the Silicon Valley area by a group of technology executives with a pronounced interest in the bigfoot subject. Some had had their own bigfoot encounters. This privately-funded group, which concerns itself with scientifically proving the existence of the “biped” as they like to call him, is unique because NABS investigators are willing to revisit or stay in various hotspot locales for extended periods of time, pursuing the cases exhaustively. 

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