A scientific row about Bigfoot has escalated in America after a researcher published 'DNA proof' of its existence - in a journal they earlier purchased and renamed

Texan Melba Ketchum claims she has spent five years studying DNA samples of the Bigfoot.

Ketchum insists she can prove samples of its hair, blood, saliva and urine are genuine. She adds that following work of a team under her direction at DNA Diagnostics, also in Texas, she knows the mythical animal is a real human-primate hybrid.

She has asked the US government to recognise Bigfoot's kin as an indigenous people who require official protection.

Her group have published the following 19-second clip of a 'sleeping bigfood' recorded in Kentucky in 2005. It has not explained the context of the clip or why it took eight years for the 19 seconds of footage to emerge.

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