The loud mysterious booms continue; this time as shared in the videos below near a South Carolina town with reports coming in just tonight from various locations across America, including TexasMalibu, CaliforniaNew JerseyAlabama and Ohio.

According to these video news reports, many calls were coming from homes running along Highway 11 in South Carolina, quite close to the Cowpens National Battlefield. However, local Sheriff Steve Mueller says there hasn’t been any kind of blasting going on there.

So, what is really going on? Are residents near Cowpens Battlefield hearing ghosts of the Battle of Cowpens? The sound described in many of the linked reports above is similar; it sound like two very large objects colliding with one another. The theories are numerous as to what might be causing these loud booms, from meteors with sonic booms entering the earths atmosphere to the North American craton loosening up for the New Madrid. Ideas?

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