Camille James Harman's story begins the same way as many others: She awoke one night in a paralyzed state. Her body was transported onto a spaceship and placed on a table. Alien beings began to examine her. Harman was terrified.

After another abduction Harman immersed herself in the UFO community. She became a public speaker, wrote for UFO magazine, attended conventions and met big names in the field. Her business card included the phrase "Got Aliens?" (For info, visit

Last December—17 years after her first abduction—Harman, 46, was completing work on her spiritual autobiography. A series of events influenced her so dramatically that she changed her beliefs about the UFO phenomena. Now Harman believes the aliens are not extraterrestrials, but demonic entities.

"I experienced very traumatic alien-abduction scenarios. ... Everything was (later) recalled under hypnosis, and everything had physical counterparts," she says.

In one situation, Harman recalls, a beam of blue light passed over her bed. "I was paralyzed. Then I was on a table in a white, misty room. There were beings standing to my left. They took a fetus out of me. I remember seeing a ball of flesh being removed and they took it out of the room."

The physical counterpart to this is that Harman had not menstruated for three months prior. She had pregnancy symptoms of nausea, sore breasts and a heightened emotional state. After the abduction, her cycle resumed.

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