So you think you can just waltz into an open field tonight and little green men are going to come to you, huh?

You're wrong. In fact, you need the right tools to capture UFOs -- whether alien in nature or not -- if you want anyone to actually believe your epic story. Luckily, HuffPost Weird News has compiled that list for you. Here's what you need on your UFO hunt tonight:

  • Warm clothing (depending on your location)

  • A good pair of binoculars

  • A good, reliable camera (duh!), capable of actually capturing night images

  • Fellow eyewitnesses and some snacks (in case it's a long stakeout)

  • Information from a database that can guide you to possible UFO hangouts

The database may be the best thing you could consult if you want any heads up on where UFOs are most often seen, thereby increasing your own chances of capturing that elusive million-dollar image.

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