Given his track record for producing straight-up UFO documentaries without all the hysterics (“Out of the Blue,” 2002, “I Know What I Saw,” 2009), filmmaker James Fox’s stumble into a National Geographic Channel “reality” show action-hero caricature last year came from — let’s just get it over with — out of the blue. Not even Fox, who was affixed to a face-camera designed to register every twitch of shock’n’awe in the event of a sighting and presumably knew what was coming, could take it. “The show was terrible. I only watched it two times,” he says “and never turned it on again.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, despite its merciless lapses in logic and common sense, or perhaps because of them, “Chasing UFOs” actually drew decent ratings last summer, maybe even enough to justify a second season. But “I couldn’t have come back even if I’d wanted to. Nobody wanted to work with me,” says Fox, who publicly razzed the producers even before the series finished its run. “We burned so many witnesses, about analyses we never did, things we promised and weren’t allowed to deliver — I can give you examples from every single witness from every single show.”

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