A lot of UFO researchers talk about disclosure, but who do we want to make this disclosure, and what are we looking for them to disclose? There are those that believe disclosure has already happened, and depending on your answers to these two questions, you may think so too.

The most common idea people have of disclosure is the President making a special announcement that they have discovered some UFOs are flown by extraterrestrials. This is the sort of disclosure that the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is seeking this weekend in Washington D.C. at the National Press Club. There will be a panel of former congress members reviewing five days of testimony from witnesses and UFO researchers. The idea is to inspire real congressional hearings that will prompt the President to announce that they knew it all the time.

Of course it has already happened. But there is a glaring disconnect between the reality of the UFO phenomenon, and those in the most powerful echalons of our society. To consider even the remotest possibility of ongoing ET visitation on Earth, can be professional and academic suicide. The question is why? To read more and view the video, click here.