Day three of the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure (CHD) begins with testimony of panel members offering accounts of animal mutilations, UFOs in England and the widespread nature of UFO sightings.

The rest of the day's discussion will center around controversial government documents and the famous 1947 account of a UFO that allegedly crashed near Roswell, N.M.

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As seriously as the 40 witnesses and six former members of Congress appear to be treating the subject of UFOs and supposed extraterrestrial visits to Earth, many media outlets have openly criticized and ridiculed the congressional-style five-day event that aims to petition Congress to open a real investigation of UFOs.

On day two, the testimony included eyewitness accounts from military eyewitnesses on the famous 1980 UFO incident that took place in the Rendlesham Forest of England, as well as cases where UFOs reportedly tampered with nuclear missile sites.

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