A whole year has passed since out ill-fated journey to the fabled Sipapu and alleged location of the underground city. The videotaping of helicopter loads into the Gorge pushed the team into high gear after returning from their four-day expedition to the rim and Gary David immediately discovered that John Kyl had resurrected the Little Colorado River Water Bill in the Senate. The original bill didn’t pass, but this new Senate bill, #2109, would strip the Navajo and Hopi of their senior water rights to the Little Colorado. But there was something else going on and the team immediately found out something beyond our wildest imaginings.

Upon returning home, I called Grand Canyon National Park and spoke with a public relations person who was completely unaware of any helicopter activity going on in the LCRG. She thanked me for letting the park know about the activity and promised to look into it. Several days later, Gary called the GCNP and was told that the helicopter flights were bringing “humpbacked chub” into the Little Colorado River. Gary dryly observed that that improbable explanation sounded “fishy,” as it doesn’t take numerous loads of heavy construction materials to salt a river with fish!

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