Now and again people ask me why I bother using the Freedom of Information Act to obtain documentation on UFOs. “It’s all faked, and all the good stuff is held back,” are the reasons that have been given to me by those that believe studying documentation which has surfaced via FOIA is a waste of time. Those people are, of course, talking rubbish.

I don’t deny, at all, that a body of data on UFOs (and perhaps a huge body of data) is indeed withheld for national security reasons, and which we may never get to see. But, that doesn’t mean what we have been allowed to see is of no consequence. Much of it most certainly is! Nor is “all the good stuff” withheld. And here’s a classic, little-known example…

The FBI has released into the public domain thousands of pages of official files on UFOs and related topics and people. The records in question can be found at its website, The Vault – which is an excellent resource for hundreds of files and thousands upon thousands of pages on all manner of subjects. Regarding the FBI’s declassified UFO files, one of the most memorable Flying Saucer-based sightings that the Bureau played a role in occurred in April 1956. The case was made notable by the fact that one of the two witnesses was actually an employee of the FBI! She is only referred to in the documents as “Miss Richards.”

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