Pennsylvania resident John Winesickle believes he has proof that Bigfoot exists, and is living near Altoon, Pa. The man was so sure he even went as far as to call 911 to prove it according to the Daily Mail reports on Wednesday, May 29.

According to the massive social network chatter, and Twitter reports it has been rumored, and is said to be believed by thousands of Bigfoot enthusiasts, that a Bigfoot was shot and killed in Pennsylvania.

As the summer months approach more and more suspicious Bigfoot sightings will be reported by avid Sasquatch hunters in hopes of proving their legendary theories that the mysterious hair-covered giant does actually exists among us.

The latest reported sighting has many believing that one of the creatures were actually killed in Pennsylvania, and has been covered up by the authorities.

It's a safe bet that if a Bigfoot actually was shot and killed, an airtight lid would be clamped down on the story almost immediately.  To read more, click here.