The existence of the legendary Bigfoot is one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries, but even after his reported death, he remains an enigma.

Amid rumours a turkey hunter had shot and killed the 10ft beast, a resident in rural Pennsylvania called 911 and claimed he had evidence the sasquatch was real after finding a huge footprint near his home.

Now hundreds of conspiracy theorists have accused ­authorities of a cover-up after reports of military ­helicopters swooping on the area - possibly to remove the Bigfoot’s body – and the fact local police dismissed the footprint as a bear’s.

Thomas Rogers, who has followed reports of Bigfoot for 24 years, said: “This stinks to high heaven.

"They clearly know something but they are keeping us in the dark. With all sightings we have to take them seriously and this is no different.

“Sadly for us though, until a body is found, the question of whether Bigfoot exists or not is still a mystery.”

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