The following are excerpts from “Investigation of U.F.O. Over Redlands, California at 7:20 February 4, 1968,” a report prepared by four University of Redlands professors who investigated the sighting, interviewing dozens of witnesses.

— (The sighting was) accompanied by high-pitched noise, a beeping sound and a high-speed motor or wheel squealing. Noise bothered all neighbors … all neighbors running out of houses in all directions because of noise and pointing at object. — Mike Patapoff Sr.

— We heard a “chee chee” sound increasing in intensity then diminishing as the thing left. It was a circle or oval structure going in a path toward the foothills. There were green, white and red lights. —- Mike Patapoff Jr.

— Noise sounded like laser guns on TV program “Voyage to Bottom of the Sea” — loud, high, beeping twirling sound. Noise seemed to be turning around fast. Noise coming down from above house, then faded away. Then we ran outside. — Rudy Elisarraras

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