An alleged UFO hit a Chinese passenger jet in mid-air, causing the Air China Boeing 757 to perform an emergency landing. The mid-air collision occurred at 26,000 feet. The Air China flight was travelling from Chengdu to Guangzhou. No injuries were reported.

According to reports, a mysterious UFO had hit the Chinese passenger jet. The impact resulted to a massive dent and deep scrapes.

The pilot of the aircraft did not actually notice an object strike the plane but immediately experienced noticeable change to the plane's performance. The pilot contacted air traffic controllers requesting for a landing.

Experts are puzzled by what may have caused the damage to the front of the plane. A bird strike is ruled out as neither blood nor feathers are visible at the point of impact.

When images of the damage sustained by the Chinese passenger jet were shared online, some readers suggested the possibility of striking a drone in midair. A reader on the Aviation Herald suggested rapidly changing air pressures and expanding air as the cause of the dent. However, conspiracy theorists suggest the strike involves a UFO. 

According to former government UFO investigator Nick Pope, an examination to the damaged nose cone should indicate what the unidentified object was as traces of its composition will most likely be present around the area of impact.

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