Patriotic? Prepared? Petrified? Or just plain nuts?

All are terms that can be applied to the numerous people who have written to the MoD over the years with their proposals for UFO-blasting super weapons.

One suggestion was sent to the MoD in March 2009 by a "UFO researcher" who wrote: "I have knowledge that the RAF have on more than one occasion intercepted a UFO using military aircraft.

"Therefore, the reason I am contacting you once again is that, through my research as a UFO researcher, I believe I know how you can shoot down a UFO.

"Hypothetically, let's assume that these UFOs are extraterrestrial and that the RAF has tried but failed to bring down an extraterrestrial UFO.

"I have a suggestion for a new weapon which could and will bring down a potential extraterrestrial UFO."

It went on: "If you would care to know more about my suggestion for a weapon which could and will take down a UFO craft, then I would like to speak personally with someone such as a general or high ranking official within the Royal Air Force, immediatley (sic).

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