American researchers believe a high-tech airship created by a company located in the Alberta hamlet of Lac La Biche could solve the mystery of the sasquatch once and for all.

Utah-based bigfoot researcher William Barnes is trying to raise $300,000 to buy a helium-filled airship that would quietly float over dense North American forests and use thermal-imaging equipment to film footage of the legendary – not to mention elusive – creature.

An official fundraising drive for the venture, which has been dubbed The Falcon Project, kicked off last Saturday in Oregon with an all-day symposium.

After a personal encounter with bigfoot in 1997 and more than a decade spent researching sasquatch researchers, the project’s founder came up with the idea to use unmanned aerial surveillance to record the fast-moving nocturnal primate.

“We don’t want to bother them, we just want to study them,” Barnes said.

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