IF the truth is out there the Government has just made it harder to find, according to Oxfordshire’s UFO experts.

Declassified files from the National Archives revealed the Ministry of Defence’s decided to shut its UFO desk and hotline in 2009 because they “took staff away from more valuable defence-related activities.”

Michael Soper, of Wheatley-based Contact International UFO Research, said he does not buy the official line that they “serve no defence purpose”.

He said the number of US drones flying over the UK is set to increase, and has called on the Ministry of Defence to come clean over its intentions.

The 72-year-old, who has been charting unidentified flying objects across Oxfordshire skies for five decades, said it was just “common sense” for the Government to have a department to keep an eye on UK airspace using the naked eye.

Instead, the decision to shut the UFO department backed up the idea the UK wants to push all spotters of objects from outer space into a “conspiracy pile.”

He said: “They have closed the friendly face of UFO-reporting, and you do have to wonder who will benefit from this.

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