What’s That Smell All About?

With the now thousands of bigfoot sighting reports around North America, we can start to see patterns, and also differences in the types of reports in what people see, hear… and also smell.

So what’s that awful smell all about? And why doesn’t everyone who’s had a sighting report an odor when they have their encounter? Some report a smell, and some don’t. Great apes are known to emit an odor when they’re excited or feel threatened. Do sasquatches fall into that category? Is that all there is to it? There are many and various thoughts on the matter, and each makes sense in its own right. But what’s the real answer? I asked a few experts in the community to try and shed some light on the subject.

“The smell resembles a wet animal with a skunky type of odor, but most folks describe it much worse,” says Crypto Crew researcher, Bobby Long. “My garbage cans outside are much worse.” Bobby lives and tracks sasquatches in Oregon, a drier, more mountainous state, which brings me to the next theory.

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