It is a given that many of the beliefs currently held by the New Age movement have their origins in ancient times. Nevertheless, the modern incarnation of the New Age community of belief, which often dovetails quite neatly with the UFO phenomenon and its attendant benevolent aliens, can be said to have begun much more recently, in the late 1800s, long before Kenneth Arnold’s sighting and the Roswell crash of 1947.

One of the primary pieces of evidence for this assertion is the recently republished book Secrets Of Mount Shasta And A Dweller On Two Planets ,” a seminal work that lays the groundwork for so much of what was to come after. The book is the latest release in the tireless campaign by Timothy Green Beckley’s publishing house Global Communications to revivify works nearly – but not completely – forgotten in the annals of UFO and paranormal lore.

There is something to this popular urban myth surrounding Mt. Shasta.  But I'm not certain what it is. ;-) To read more, click here.