I’m often asked how I think the discovery of extraterrestrial life might unfold. Questioners usually have two scenarios in mind; firstly, some major and undeniable sighting - perhaps even the archetypal “landing on the White House lawn”. Secondly, a scenario where the President of the United States makes a live TV announcement and confirms the alien presence, perhaps by admitting that the Roswell incident really did involve the crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft. In either event, this would constitute the “Disclosure” that the UFO community dream of and – in some cases – actively lobby for. 
For a number of reasons, while not entirely discounting such possibilities, I doubt that this will be how things actually turn out. Setting aside the potential discovery of microbial life within our own solar system (probably on Mars or Europa), the discovery of extraterrestrial life may come not from ufology, but from ufology’s arch-enemy, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence – SETI.

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