Hesci (Hello), I am a full blood American Indian originally from Okemah, Oklahoma now living in Tulsa (Creek Nation). I am of the Thlopthlocco Tribal Town (Raprakko Etvlwv) and Deer Clan (Ecovlke) of the Muscogee Creek Nation (Mvskoke) from my mother’s side and my father was Osage.

I want to pass on to you a description of our (Creek) Bigfoot which we call Tall Man (Estecvpcvke). He is around 10 feet or a little more in height and is covered in gray hair and has a bad odor which resembles a stagnant muddy pond. His color helps him blend in with the trees. He also has a whip-like tail that he cracks which sounds like thunder and if hearing this whiles in the woods this will often cause a person to get lost. I’ve heard older stories that it was his male appendage and not a tail, but this change possibly came about due to Christian missionary’s influences during the last part of the 19th Century and early 20th Century. He carries a club that he has made from a tree limb that he has broken off. The tree would soon die soon afterwards and the women would use the holes left in the tree to bury stillborn babies.

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