Every month, numerous UFO videos are posted on YouTube by people all over the world, hoping to prove they have that smoking gun evidence that we are being visited by ET spacecraft.

Some are obvious hoaxes. Some turn out to be balloons, weather anomalies or other mundane objects that just look otherworldly. And then there are those that can never really be explained away.

In October, one of the more interesting videos came from a Michigan man who claimed to capture UFOs on two occasions with his home security camera. The videos are quite vivid, depicting the strange objects continually changing colors and reportedly shining a beam of light to the ground.

The man who goes by the YouTube moniker "jcattera" posted, on Oct. 8, his first UFO video -- that he recorded on Oct. 2.

In this first video, jcattera's UFO appears at around 1:12:

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