Dennis J. Wisnosky Jr, a former paratrooper, contacted me this autumn with an intriguing UFO account that he informs me has been briefly highlighted elsewhere.

Regardless of his military background, Dennis courageously granted me full permission to use his real name, photo, etc in an effort to bring more attention to the situation at hand. 

In order to fully understand the situation Dennis wished to go back a little way to explain the background behind his amazing account. 

As a child, Dennis grew up on a great number of military installations as his father was in the Air Force serving as a security police officer. 

“We had been stationed at several installations to include the base that I was born at Ft. Wainwright in Alaska, Minot, N.D., MacDill A.F.B., FL, Wurtsmith A.F.B., MI and Anderson A.F.B., Guam. Throughout those travels and bases, I had seen a great many aircraft, never thinking too much on the circumstances.  Although most no longer experienced air raid drills, they were still a common practice at these places, as most of these bases were top targets in the instance of nuclear attack. They housed the B- 52's, ALCM (Air Launch Cruise Missile), KC- 135's, AWACS and various others like the B-1B's while others stopped in occasionally, and some were TAC (Tactical Air Command) like MacDill, which had the standard strike and fighters of the day, the F-15 and 16's, A- 10's and other whatnots in the A.F. arsenal.” explained the witness.

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