PEOPLE from around the world have substantiated claims of UFO activity over the Macarthur region, with similar sightings as far away as Cleveland in Queensland and southern California.

The sightings come after the Macarthur Chronicle last week reported UFOs drifting over Mt Annan on December 1, which divided the community into sceptics and believers.

The reader from Cleveland in Queensland, who supplied the latest UFO pictures, said he was taking out the rubbish at 11pm on December 5 when he noticed strange lights in the sky.

"The light in the sky was dancing somewhat, so I grabbed the camera and started snapping away," he said.

"The whole thing only lasted a few minutes but it wasn't until I looked more closely at the images I wondered what I had actually taken.

"There were no planes in the area at the time of taking the photos that I could see."

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