I love stories about discoveries of mysterious, ancient, massive, stone ruins, such as the so-far-unexplained structures recently uncovered in the Ecuadorean rain forest.

Explorers hot on the trail of Atahualpa and the Treasure of the Llanganates

How about the thousands of multi-ton, megalithic structures in the Russian Caucasus? Click the link. Think you could build even one of those things with the help of a couple of neighbors, a cold chisel and a mallet or two?

25,000 Year Old Buildings Found In Russia

While I'm at it, what about the multiple levels of blocked off, locked off passages, chambers, tunnels and shafts beneath the Giza pyramid and temple complex in Egypt? My Arabic instructor back in the early 1990s was an Egyptian military intelligence officer who told  me that the Egyptian military had extensively explored the underground workings beneath Giza. According to him there are literal miles of tunnels in the labyrinth, going down, level after level. I twice visited Giza and, indeed,  I saw myriad openings to the underground, shafts going down and down, numerous openings into the plateau physically padlocked closed with metal gates or grills, and plenty of guards armed with high powered rifles sitting around on camels keeping an eye on everything and everyone.

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