They say that the mountains of Albania are a cursed place. My father and my step-mother when visiting Greece and Italy, did a side trip to the Albanian Alps. Even though they did not witness anything paranormal, many other people have witnessed high strangeness on these mountain. Officially called Prokletije or the Albanian Alps, most people refer to them by a more fitting name: The Accursed Mountains. This is what one blogger says: “Many years ago, three brothers went out hunting. On their trip, they encountered a beautiful fairy. Each brother wanted to marry her, so they began to fight, growing more and more violent until each of them died. When the brothers failed to return home, their mother went out searching and found their slain bodies. There, the distraught fairy told her what happened. In her grief and anger, the mother cursed the fairy and the mountains themselves for killing her sons and the Accursed Mountains have been a place of mystery ever since.”

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