There's nothing wrong with believing in the sasquatch, according to a writer who has tracked the mythical beast's role in human culture.

In fact, he argues, there's almost a beauty in it.

"You have this creature, or this species of beings that are out there living wildly — and in a sense they're kind of free of the nettlesome, cumbersome dictates of our civilization," said John Zada, author of In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond: In Search of the Sasquatch.

This is one of the great mysteries and coverups of the age. Yes, I'm certain Sasquatch is on the loose in Ontario, and a lot of other places. The USG considers this subject to be as highly classified as the UFO phenomenon, and that is no coincidence. I've been trying to crack the nut of government knowledge of Sasquatch and its procedures for dealing with it, but it's proving to be extremely difficult. The several times time I got tantalizingly close to getting a whistle blower insider to talk, something happened at the last minute to derail it. To read more, click here.