Aliens have been turning our nuclear weapons on and off to show us how “useless” they are against their superior technology, a lobbyist has claimed.

Stephen Bassett is the founder of Paradigm Research Group (PRG), which has spent years trying to get the US government to reveal the “truth” about extraterrestrials and UFOs — which he prefers to call Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in line with the US Navy's official definition.

Discussing what motives aliens might have, Stephen claimed several witnesses have observed them controlling our own nuclear weapons with ease.

From the Daily Star tabloid, but the information is real. Robert Hastings did the groundbreaking work on this topic in his book "UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites." But just because they can deactivate (and activate!) our nukes doesn't mean they'll intervene in a nuclear war to save our miserable asses. I'd wager that they would not. It's a species level intelligence test. If humanity doesn't have the f***ing brains not to destroy themselves in a nuclear holocaust then they flunk the test. Duhhh...To read more, click here.