For more than half a century, there have been eyewitness reports around our world in which people see/hear an aerial craft that can be one of many shapes – even sometimes looks like a terrestrial airplane with wings. But then suddenly the object/s disappear to the human witness’s eyes. So many eyewitness reports like this over the years have raised the question:  how much of the Alien Presence interacting with Earth is frequently above us in the air or on land or under water — but completely invisible to human eyes?

Relevant to that question this past week was an encrypted Protonmail anonymous communication I received from someone calling themselves “The Messenger.” He sent a large, high resolution photograph he said he took in the Grand Junction and Ouray, Colorado, region on November 8, 2019.


Here is “The Messenger’s” November 13, 2019, digital mail followed by one of his two photos of five of six jet planes overhead:

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