The rockstar of cryptids is by far none other than the legendary Bigfoot, also called the Sasquatch. These hairy, massive man-like beasts have been sighted all over the United States and indeed in one form or other all over the world, and have remained a compelling mystery that continues to elude us. By far the most common description of these creatures is that of a hulking brute of a thing, standing upwards of 8 to 10 feet tall and covered with shaggy brown hair of fur, and this is perhaps the image most firmly etched into the public consciousness of these beasts. Yet, there are reports out there intermingled with these that seem to point to these monsters exhibiting a good amount of variety. There have been reported black Bigfoot, reddish Bigfoot, and grey as well, but perhaps the rarest of all are those accounts that describe Bigfoot that are a stark white in coloration. This latter is of special interest here, and very rare and very odd, here we will look at a selection of accounts of the elusive white Bigfoot

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