An arcane universal phenomenon like wormholes is about to take an interesting twist to prove that they do exist for real and not just in theory. One theory about wormholes is that they connect universes, in areas of spacetime that has unknown qualities yet to be understood. This is if space-time anomalies are proven to be real, not imagination.

Seriously enough, there is study forwarded, with methods outline how to detect it. This is tantalizing because it offers another view of the universe, not just based on the standard model. One reason that wormhole is sort of arcane is that it defies certain conventions accepted in physics.

A paper submitted on 2019 October 10, in Physical Review D had it outlined and mapped out the process to look for these galactic anomalies in the universe. Since there no technology to find out about space-time bridges, this method is something to consider as a starter for the search of wormholes.

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