As more discoveries are made by scientists in their research into the quantum field of studies, they get deeper into unexplored territory. The newest addition to their head-scratching discoveries is a recently discovered quantum substance. The discovery, made possible by using powerful computer tools that investigated properties of a copper-based mysterious new quantum substance, that it is turning out to be a new kind of superconductor. Hence, seen as another baby step to achieve quantum computing. There is a lot about it, and it perplexes scientists who are looking into its true nature.

The material has these characteristics that are rather unusual, but that is what makes it special. The discovery of new materials has always been the foundation of new technology. From transistors, silicon wafers, and micro-sized computer chips that needed a material that can handle conducting pulses of energy. Here are the highlights of the new copper-based quantum substance that will improve aspects of ordinary computing to the quantum kind.

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