In a CIA document approved for release 08/11/2000, entitled “Research Into Paranormal Ability to Break Through Spatial Barriers,” we are treated to an incredible story in which its authors claimed that the use of strict scientific procedures using videotape and high-speed photograph successfully demonstrated the reality of the use of psychokinesis to break through spatial barriers. The test subject, Zhang Baosheng, was able to successfully use psychokinesis to extract tablets from a sealed container without damaging it.

Zhang stared at the bottle, and after a moment, it began to shake until the tablets broke in half. Without breaking the seal, each tablet was outside of the bottle. In order to ensure no trickery was involved, a camera was used that filmed 400 frames per second, and when they slowed down the film, they witnessed a single, 1/400th of a second frame in which the tablets were halfway through the bottle without damaging it.

The CIA had no other choice but to conclude “After such penetrations, the microscopic structure and properties of the objects do not show any observable changes…The experiment demonstrated that Mr. Zhang Baosheng possesses paranormal abilities.” These results had been confirmed beforehand by Chinese researchers among the All-China Paranormal Physical Abilities Joint Testing Group, who found that persons with paranormal abilities were able to remove stationery paper from sealed paper envelopes using psychokinesis.

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