A cheap, safe, self-charging battery that delivers high power for decades without ever needing a charge? That's a game changer. California-based company NDB is making some outrageous promises with its nano-diamond battery technology, which could completely disrupt the energy generation, distribution and provision models if deployed at scale.

Each of these batteries, which can be built to fit any existing standard or shape, uses a small amount of recycled nuclear waste, reformed into a radioactive diamond structure and coated in non-radioactive lab diamonds for safety.

We explained the technology in detail in our original NDB nano-diamond battery breakdown, but we also had the opportunity to speak with members of the NDB executive team. CEO Dr. Nima Golsharifi, COO Dr. Mohammed Irfan and Chief Strategy Officer Neel Naicker joined us on a Zoom call to talk about the technology and its potential for disruptive change.

What follows is an edited transcript.

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