Today’s article is the third in a trilogy on how aliens might be trying to find ways to manipulate, infiltrate and ultimately control us. The first part was a look at how the Men in Black, Black Eyed Children and Women in Black are tied to this. The second part was on how the Contactees of the 1950s were clearly manipulated – and mind-controlled – by the so-called Space Brothers, who claimed to have been beneficial, friendly ETs. Now, we come to the matter of how the alien abduction angle is connected to all of this.  It’s a phenomenon that was pretty much unknown until September 19, 1961. Yes, there were a few, earlier cases, but, for the most part, they were not publicized until after September 19. What, exactly, is so significant about that particular date? The answer is that it was the date of a now-historic UFO event which occurred to a married couple from New Hampshire. They were Betty and Barney Hill. At the time in question, the Hills were driving home from a vacation in Canada, when the journey suddenly took on strange and unearthly proportions.  It was on a dark stretch of road that the Hills caught sight of a curious light in the sky; it even seemed to be monitoring or shadowing them. They watched it for a while, and then something really strange happened: the Hills became confused, experienced a sense of missing time – of several hours, no less – and after getting home suffered from weird and traumatic dreams. They were dreams which suggested Betty and Barney may have been taken on-board the craft and even experimented on by weird-looking, humanoid figures. In no time at all, the dreams became definitive nightmares. Something had to be done. And, it was.

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