Try waving at yourself in a mirror, and you'll find your reflection waving back to you. However, the hand your reflection is waving with is the opposite of the one you are actually waving with.

For us humans, this should not posture a problem as we could just as simply have opted for the opposite hand to wave with; then, our reflection would have waved back as well, with the opposite hand.

For the Universe, though, and specifically, for any particle that experiences an interaction using weak force, some interaction only take place for the left-handed version. As for the right-handed versions, amid the best efforts exerted to locate them, they simply do not exist.

Almost everyone is probably wondering why the Universe has this property, and why, according to Forbes, it only shows up for the "weak interactions and whereas the strong, electromagnetic and gravitational interactions are all perfectly symmetric between left- and right-handed configurations."

This is a fact that has been scientifically verified empirically in many ways, with new trials poised to test this supposition even further.

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