mp4 slide show Feb 12, 2020

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In the first hour, Prof. Michael Masters discussed his theory that evolutionary trends in culture and biology may ultimately result in humans becoming the ones piloting many of the UFOs that are seen around the world-- their craft are likely the very devices that allow  our descendants to venture backward across the landscape of time. Rather than extraterrestrials, Masters has dubbed these visitors as "extratempestrials," and he suggested they could be coming back from different future time frames, which might account for their varying appearances, though they've primarily been described as humanoid. During fetal development our eyes grow out of our brain, he explained, so if the human brain continues to expand as we evolve, so will the eyes, and this might account for why the extratempestrials have such large heads and eyes. Looking at alien abductions from a paleo-anthropology perspective, he noted that it would make sense that beings from our future would be interested in testing such things as skin, fecal, semen, hair, and egg samples to learn more about us.

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In the second hour, theoretical physicist Jack Sarfatti argued that the technology behind the Tic Tac UFO (2004 incident off the USS Nimitz) is not mysterious at all- it folds space into a warp drive in such a way as to get to where and when it desires with tiny amounts of energy. Sarfatti claimed we can build our own Tic Tac-style craft quickly and that it would be in America's best interests to do so, as Russia already has a head start. Such spacecraft would render all our conventional weapons obsolete, he remarked, particularly if the warp capacity was weaponized. Sarfatti revealed he was contacted as a child in the 1950s "by what I think is the intelligence behind the Tic Tacs we're seeing today...It said it was a conscious computer aboard a spacecraft from the future." Concurring somewhat with the conclusions of Michael Masters in the first hour, he believes that many of the UFO visitors have time travel capabilities.

On November 14, 2004, the US Navy’s Carrier Strike Group Eleven, including the USS Nimitz nuclear aircraft carrier were conducting a training exercise off the coast of Southern California when the Navy’s radar systems detected as many as 20 anomalous aerial vehicles. In the latter half, Rich Hoffman, a 25+ year Army Information defense contractor and founding member of SCU (Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies), discussed a recent paper his group published which examined the extreme speed, acceleration, and power outputs demonstrated by the Tic Tac UFOs. By some estimates, he reported, the craft reached speeds as high as 104,000 mph, and had a parabolic trajectory that contained as much energy each second as the detonation of a tactical nuclear weapon.

The Pentagon videos show a thermal signature rather than the object itself, he explained, and one of the UFOs traveled to the planned destination of a fighter jet, suggesting it had an awareness of the military's maneuvers. Further, Hoffman added, Navy airman Lt. Cmdr. Slaight witnessed a mirage-like effect around the anomalous object. This rippling distortion might have represented a field connected to craft's propulsion, Hoffman suggested, and he related it to radiation residue at UFO landing sites. There were also reports of UFOs exiting or entering the water, and Hoffman pondered whether the Tic Tac's field might have been causing a disturbance or pattern in the water.