As we discussed last month, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has released a bill which, if passed, would direct the Pentagon to get their act together on the UFOs our military has been chasing around in our airspace and issue a report on what’s going on and make it available to the public. The acting head of that committee is Florida Senator Marco Rubio, so he’s been receiving a lot of predictable media attention on this subject. From everything I’ve seen, Rubio has been taking the question in an admirably serious fashion and not ducking away from opportunities to comment. One of those cropped up this week, when he was interviewed by investigative journalist Jim DeFade for CBS Miami.

DeFade didn’t pull any punches, directly asking the Senator of he thought there were actually aliens in our galaxy and if we might not be alone. Rubio keeps a serious tone, discussing the possibility of a threat to national security as represented by these strange craft. But he then goes on to offer a rather startling opinion as to their origin. While not directly invoking the word “aliens,” he says that if it’s “something outside this planet,” that might be better than finding out that the Chinese or the Russians have gotten a huge leap on us in the technology race. (Washington Examiner)

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