A reader in north Alabama describes his encounters with several different Bigfoot over his lifetime. Apparently, he has more incidents to tell me. I look forward to it.

I recently received the following account:

"Hey Lon. I have lived in north Alabama my entire life. My family told me their stories when I was a child. I am 52 now and have had some of the same experiences. Mom told me her story of when she was growing up.

There are 3 huge caves inside Bankhead National Forest just behind my aunt's old home off CR93. All of the kids would go down to play in the creek and an adult or 2 would sometimes accompany them. Mom said one day as they were there she looked up and saw a large hairy man staring at her from a distance. He let out what she described as a low moan and walked off. The area is a hard hike. The largest cave is like standing on top of a 2 story building with the other 2 smaller. All 3 have waterfalls in wet times.

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