Over the past few days I’ve highlighted how the subject of Ufology is clearly connected to the likes of Bigfoot, Dogmen, Shug Monkeys, and the British Bigfoot. On top of that, I’ve demonstrated that UFO activity has occurred at none other than Loch Ness, Scotland. In that incident, it was long-time Nessie seeker Ted Holiday who, in 1973, encountered nothing less than a mysterious and menacing Man in Black. Now that I’ve addressed the UFO-monster links, it’s time to show how Ufology is clearly tied to the worlds of the paranormal, the supernatural, and the occult, too. I’ll begin with the matter of alien abductions. The typical scenario involves people subjected to intrusive experiments and tests on the abductees – whether in their bedrooms or on-board UFOs. Typically, eggs, sperm, blood and skin samples are taken by the dwarfish, black-eyed alien “Grays,” as they are known. The fact is, though, that alien abductions eerily mirror encounters with the dreaded Incubus and Succubus of centuries ago.

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