Throughout the world one of the most frequently reported strange mystery creatures are various hairy humanoids that go by many names, including Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, and many others depending on the regions where they appear. Such reports are already inherently odd, often very bizarre indeed, but there are those reports amongst these that are especially  bonkers, launching it all even further into the fringe realms of the weird. Here we will look at a selection of truly outlandish Bigfoot reports that really defy any immediate rational answers, and which show just how strange the phenomenon can get.

Some of the weirdest Bigfoot reports have to do with some sort of close personal interaction between the creatures and human beings, and one such report comes to us from the site Cryptozoology News, from a witness who claims to be a former state trooper from the state of Washington, in the United States. The witness says that these encounters happened in 2009, at a remote wilderness area in the North Cascades, also known as the Cascade Mountains, between British Columbia and Washington state, and it is all very odd to be sure. He claims that he first stumbled across a group of Bigfoot quite by accident, as he was scouting out an old mine in the mountains, and while they remained shy at first they began to get closer as he would frequently leave food out for them, including apples, carrots, beef jerky, cookies and candy bars. Not only would they come incredibly close to him, but he also says that they spoke amongst themselves in a discernible yet incomprehensible language. The former trooper says of all of this weirdness:

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