Something strange had blotted out the stars over Pinetown. Where the stars should have been on this clear night was a large black triangle shaped craft, perhaps three to four football fields in size.

The man who claimed to have seen this strange object ran into his townhouse complex to grab this cell phone and call his girlfriend.

But by the time he returned, the craft was no longer there. When something strange and unexplained is spotted in the sky, it is often Lee Strydom, the Mutual UFO Network SA representative who is called.

This was a good sighting and the witness, who happened to be a friend of Strydom’s, left him a message on his cellphone that night.

“When I got to work the next day, I had this message, he said that he saw something and it was coming in my direction,” Strydom explains, adding that his friend that night changed from being a non UFO believer to a believer.

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