When it comes to the elusive Bigfoot, Leominster native Ronny Le Blanc is practically on a first-name basis with the burly, wild berry-eating behemoth.

Then again, it doesn’t hurt that Le Blanc grew up and still lives on the outskirts of "Monsterland," a five-mile stretch of Leominster that intersects where a large population of city residents live, work and shop with the vastness of unchartered trees of the Leominster State Forest.

As legend goes, "Monsterland" is known for flying saucers, glowing orange orbs and Sasquatch sightings, all of which might be connected.

"Monsterland" was once known as a small area in South Leominster, by Old Mill Road bridge, near the Lancaster border (where Walmart and commercial businesses now sit), that bleeds into Leominster State Forest and the surrounding areas. Le Blanc claims the boundaries of "Monsterland" has expanded as activity is being reported all around Leominster State Forest.

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