Quantum computing, an emerging technology, was merely a theory until the 1980s, while, today nations are trying to leverage Quantum computing in warfare.

Quantum mechanics, developed as early as the beginning of the 20th century, helped us glimpse simulating particles that interacted with each other at unimaginable speed.

A century and a few decades later, we aren’t able to fully simulate quantum mechanics. However, we can store information in a quantum state of matter. By developing and learning quantum computational communication, we can evaluate the benefits of the emerging technology. Quantum computing, unlike classical computing, utilises quantum bits (qubits) which comprise electrons and photons. They can allow the computation to exist in a multidimensional state that can grow exponentially with more qubits involved. Classical computing uses electrical impulses 1 and 0 for the main reason to encode information. However, when more bits are involved, the computational power grows linearly (source.)

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