Highly credentialed and never at a loss for creativity or curiosity, Dr. Garry Nolan is a respected Stanford University School of Medicine Professor of Pathology whose main research focus involves cancer and immunology. According to his university bio, he has published more than 300 research articles, owns 40 U.S. patents, and was the driving force behind the founding of eight biotech companies.

Given such accomplishments, it’s easy to see why he has been honored as one of Stanford’s top 25 inventors and is widely regarded as one of the most respected experts in his field. Yet Dr. Nolan is far from being just an ordinary research scientist.

Over the last decade, Nolan has also taken up an intriguing side project in his spare time: he has been involved in the analysis of materials associated with unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UAP, as well as studying the biological effects on those who claim to have witnessed it.

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