It is true that artificial intelligence brought massive wonders to the world, but Adobe took this opportunity to survey participants in the UK to know their perception of Generative AI in tech. In their discussion, Adobe found that Gen Zs and Millennials hold a high regard for generative AI, with some calling it as far as a "miracle" technology for what it has to bring.

Personal uses and businesses alike have been benefitting from the top AI developments now, with many considering that AI will live on and see more integration in the future.

Tech Radar reported that Adobe recently conducted a survey in the UK among 2,000 consumers, as well as 498 customer experience and marketing professionals, centering on the topic of AI technology for businesses. Here, the company saw a positive result for the generative and advanced technology, with the respondents giving it a high regard.

As much as 52 percent have claimed that AI brought a "positive impact" on their lives, with the Gen Zs and Millennials representing the generation who are most impressed with the technology.

Furthermore, as much as seven percent of these respondents claimed that AI is a "miracle" technology for them, adding more to the good praises for the tech.

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