A group of writers have filed a lawsuit against OpenAI, alleging the company's AI ChatGPT chatbot was trained using their works without authorization. The lawsuit asserts that OpenAI has unlawfully utilized their copyrighted content for its own benefit and profit.

The legal action is pursuing class-action status and highlights ChatGPT's capability to summarize and analyze the authors' content, suggesting that this feat is only achievable if OpenAI utilized their works to train its GPT large language model.

The lawsuit further contends that the generated outputs constitute "derivative" works that infringe upon their copyrights. Reuters reported that the writers include Michael Chabon, David Henry Hwang, Rachel Louise Snyder, and Ayelet Waldman. 

The lawsuit against OpenAI asserts that the company's actions involving copyright infringement were deliberate, purposeful, and showed a lack of concern for the rights of the plaintiffs and class members.

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