In a year where it has been claimed the US government has details on UFOs, and an alleged alien corpse was presented before Mexico's Congress, the search for extraterrestrial life is ever increasing.

And the search now largely focuses on signatures of technology that come from interstellar space which could indicate the existence of extraterrestrial life.

A new preprint paper - which is yet to be validated by the peer-review process - suggests a theory for one such signal combined with the mystery of why some planets have weird orbits around a star that defies old models of solar system formation.

The theory suggests that, to make them more hospitable to life, extraterrestrial beings may be using lasers to gradually move their planet into new orbits around a star. The scientists behind the paper state that if a laser signal, or other technology, cannot be detected, then we could look at these orbiting exoplanets and narrow down the search.

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