ADC Energy uses artificial intelligence and power electronics to "turbo charge" low voltage power to achieve high performance energy savings in buildings. The best part of what we do is easy and simple installation using existing wiring. 

Our customers can achieve quick ROIs with minimal to no upfront costs using the substantial savings from ADC to finance the installation.

ADC is flexible and can work with or without solar panels, with or without the utility power, with a generator, with wind power or any combination. Our market ready products include low voltage 48v battery powered alternatives for heating, air conditioning, dehumidification ("ADC AIR"), and highly efficient power management for buildings.

We can confidently say, "there is one and only one ADC" because our technology avoids wasteful, vintage, carbon emitting energy converters, adapters, inverters.

So what exactly is our "New Form" of energy? Brief backstory: Every Country in the world uses the same energy technology. Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison invented AC power and DC power. All energy operates on either AC or DC. However, because these are the only two options, a converter/inverter/adapter are required. If you charged your phone, laptop or EV, you wasted energy and caused electrical grid disturbance. Remember the stories about laptop or EV batteries catching on fire? Energy conversion creates dangerous heat, plus inverters used in solar farms are now affecting grid stability. There are plenty of IEEE research papers on topics of "intermittency" and "harmonics."

ADC Energy created a "hybrid" transmission that transmits BOTH AC power AND DC power together on existing wires - “Alternating Direct Current” (ADC). ADC transmits low voltage DC power (battery power) long distance without traditional line loss, and vintage energy conversion is now obsolete.

We have just scratched the surface of what our technology can do. But, of all the energy technologies, ADC is the only one that can change the entire foundation of energy by offering an alternative means of transmission and eliminating the need for converters/inverters/adapters.

So, what does all this mean?

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