There’s a well-known problem with renewable energy—it’s not constantly available. The sun can go behind a cloud and deprive solar panels of their power source, or the wind can not blow and render wind turbines completely useless. If we’re ever going to be able to transition entirely to green energy, we need to find a solution that allows us a constant stream of power.

In other words, we need to be able to store energy as we collect it. As a result, there is a whole lot of interest in the development of things like batteries and capacitors, both of which store energy. Make the perfect energy storage container, and you revolutionize the entire energy industry.

Recently, a group of researchers from MIT and Harvard released a new study announcing that they have discovered a new and exciting way to do just that. Well, “new” is an interesting word here. While the combination and the use case is definitely new, the ingredients are old— really old.

The solution to our green energy storage problems could just be cement and carbon black.

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